Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3 Ways To Get Free Christian Books

3 Ways To Get Free Christian Books

Tyndale Rewards is a super easy way to get free books, bibles and more. If you are a reviewer, like me, you can earn points for something you are already doing. Their point system is easy and you don't need thousand's of points to get one book. They offer free books for as little as 25 points, which you can earn by completing a very short survey. In one month, I earned enough points for 2 bibles and a fiction book.
Super easy survey system. I receive a notification whenever a survey is available for me. Payouts are good are instant. You can use your earnings in Google's Play Store, towards books or anything else. My first survey came within five minutes of signing up. I answered 1 question and earned a dollar.

Get all of the newest books, many times before public release, by becoming a blogger and reviewing books. The most important part is reviewing books, so you must have the desire to do so. If you can manage that, you are well on your way to getting free books and helping author's promote their work. Try Tyndale Book Review Program,, Bethany House Review Program 
and Blogging for Books

Follow Free Christian Books by email and you are automatically entered to win the current book giveaway.  A winner is chosen every other week. There are no limits to the amount of times you can win and no need to reenter for each giveaway, so long as you are a verified subscriber.

Book pricing is subject to change at any moment. The pricing listed is current at the time of listing. Please be sure to check pricing before purchasing. We can not be held responsible for price changes.

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